Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The old power plant...

I am not a good photographer but i am really in a mood on that time to take a picture of how the setting sun make a cool view of an old power plant that was built maybe around the 70's and are now facing its last stand since its decommisioning already started then, I still remember this moment way back 8 years from now and when ever i look on this picture my mind always went back to the days i was part of the operation of the old power plant , I dont know what's on my mind that day that took my self in a sense that i dont want this moment pass without having this view captured, I hurry down the corridor and took with me the intrinsically safe cam that was not frequently used,...alas, took 3 shots for this and was very proud of my instinct, coz in my heart i would definitely miss this one moment of a lifetime if i have'nt taken this shot, I always wonder and realise whenever i look back to this moment, our journey in life passes so quickly without even knowing but its good to have something that would remind us of lasting memories that happened along your way...i kept this picture to look back on those days.

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