Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rainbow ends

Just wondering, can someone really go back to the past and reconstruct the future?Can someone really time travelled back ? was an issue since then,since known philosopher and scientist had already tried to discover it,...anyway as i gaze to this enchanting beauty of rainbow after the pouring rain, i noticed it was just like bridging an end to another end...but you can't determine where it leads or where do this two end fall, when i was a child a story was told that in every end of it there was a treasure to where this rainbow ends, and that it mark where this treasure are burried for such a long time,lol but it was a nice story of so much adventure before reaching the rainbow ends and i still share this fantasy to little kids who sometimes ask innocently of this enchanting i grew whenever i see rainbow along the way it reminds me of the past and the moment i am still existing, its like a bridge of a certain moment in time where you where young for once and then you'll awaken oneday hoping time really does not exist as if you dont want to be old and dying, thats why i raise the issue on time i wish the rainbow could be a portal or a bridge that you could travell from a moment you wanted to be,as if its really a force that will engulf you from its very end and then pooof...welcome back kiddo...ahh just an imagination of something i wanna write someday a story maybe for kids who will imagine much adventure on time travelling after reaching the rainbow ends, but of course there will be lot of adventures before reaching it.
Ahh life is too short to unveil different journey and time is running fast that i dont wanna miss any important detail thats happening in me...and i had to move on once again from fantasy.

This photo was taken after a cold pouring rain somewhere in the province while watching the rain drips.

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